Have you already healed yourself of so-called diseases or relieved them, by changing your consciousness?
Maybe through certain meditations, imaginations or other mental processes?
Which thoughts and inner pictures were helpful?
What settings have supported your healing process?
How much time did your healing take?

We are interested in processes of self-healing that have been achieved without external intervention by mental processes.
We are interested in your experiences, your individual ways, your insights and wisdom.
If you’ve healed yourself or alleviated symptoms (be it a cold, tinnitus, depression, anxiety, or thyroid dysfunction and and and …) on your own with targeted mental images or exercises, then please share those images or exercises in the questionnaire. Just click here.

As a thank you for a completed questionnaire you will get a healing exercise for your inner peace as mp3. It is an exercise to invigorate the parasympathetic nervous system – we call it the river of peace – to enter into deep inner harmony and relaxation. You can download the exercise to your PC. However, we recommend you to download it on the mobile phone or on the mp3 player – then it is always there in your handbag: You can listen to it whenever your adrenalin is rising, the stress is growing and you want to calm down. Then you can relax especially when you think you do not  have time for it. We would like to share the healing stories we receive anonymously on a free internet portal. Everyone has the right to knowledge, learning and healing.

Open your heart and start!

Michael and Alexandra