Our Body

Your body is a real miracle – understand it, respect it and keep it well all life long!

When you understand how your body works, you are able to keep it healthy.

Because that’s itsnature: health, liveliness, adaptability, creativity, connectedness.

Self-healing is deeply connected with life.
The first cells virtually formed a membrane around a drop of water. This membrane had a similar composition as a soap bubble. Soap bubbles burst under stress. But the first cells withstood the influences. Presumably, they had a picture of their own wholeness, after which they could regenerate and repair themselves. Self-healing and life are  deeply connected.

Healing is life and life is healing.

We are well equipped for a healthy, fulfilling, happy life.
Cell communities and later larger living beings came into being. The programs of self-recovery were specified and adapted. They were passed on from generation to generation – without them none of us would have been born. All of these self-healing programs stored in our bodies are millions of years old, proven, improved, perfected to this day. They control all important metabolic processes in the background, without us having to worry about it. They have constantly adapted, improved and perfected. Our body is the most ingenious self-organized being that ever existed on Earth.

We can influence our bodies at all levels.
Since all humans are genetically almost identical, the control must largely depend on the influence of the environment. The environment is you, your family, your circle of friends, your city, your country and the time in which you live. Your thinking and acting influences all your bodily functions.  In fear, danger, shock or hurt your body reacts immediately and completely different than in states of joy, love, happiness and contentment. In seconds, other biochemical messengers are transported into the blood. For repair and regeneration, the body needs above all trust and comforting inner peace.

We can direct our bodies through our inner pictures.
Not only real situations affect our bodies, but equally our imagination. With every single inner picture you can influence the biochemistry of your blood, your breathing, your hormonal system, your heartbeat, your muscle tonus and much more. So you can learn to develop inner images that heal, strengthen and nourish. And if you then practice them every day, they become a new healing inner attitude.